Friday, December 10, 2010

Almost Ready!!!

It's been a very productive day today! I got all the presents wrapped, boxed up, addressed, and shipped off to my adult children, for Christmas! I even sent someone a little present because she is having a tough time of it all with some major health issues.
The tree is in my studio this year, to save the ornaments AND the tree from cats. They think all this stuff is just their new cat toys! You can also see the poinsettia that my dental hygienist gave to me:
I was so surprised! This is a new office we are trying out and so far, we feel quite spoiled! I think we will keep going there.

I want to remember to always make each of my kids a little ornament for their trees. This year was simple but still cute:
Each one is open at the top in case they ever want to put candy or a little gift inside in the future.

I am almost done with the ornament for my child's teacher too:
One side is Snoopy and the other has my son's photo and date on it.
I want to attach a bit of trim around the photo to finish this off.

I am almost done Christmas shopping too. I cannot believe how good THAT feels!!! I have one more big gift to buy and one smaller one to pick up. Several things are on order but should be here in time. I sure hope so anyway!

I am looking forward to our guild meeting and party on Monday. I hope to make some Oreo cookie chocolate balls for the occasion. I have a lot more decorating I could do, but will only do what feels right to me. I am not going to push myself to exhaustion!!!

Cheers with eggnog on it!!!

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Blue said...

Sherri, I really like the mitten! Think I shall try that one. I just love your blog! Hugs, Bluee