Sunday, December 5, 2010

Feelin' Grinchy

Since my wrist won't allow me to work on hand quilting the big hexagon quilt, I have gone back to the Cathedral Windows quilt. Here we see a bunch of 'pillows' waiting to be pressed:
Once they are pressed, the corners are folded into the centers and tacked down. I also came across some Charlie Brown/Snoopy Christmas fabric. I might make them into ornaments later.

I ironed down several pieces of my CPP:
The whole 'canvas' is about 30" square.
I am WAY behind on my words. I think this will be move and twinkle, but I am not sure yet.
Not much else to report. I need to decorate the house and can't get in the mood to do so! I think I will go try to find the Grinch and ask him where he tucked away my holiday spirit!

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