Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finally catching up on Creative Prompts!

There are several Creative Prompts in this picture. 
  • New: The new beginning of an art project
  • Move: The dancing lady
  • Twist: The dance the lady is dancing
  • Twinkle: Lights on the house eaves
  • Sky: Blue Sky
  • Wicked: What is that in the bushes???
  • Memory: The children dancing "Ring Around the Rosie"
I still need to add "Thanks" and "Party"


    Jaye said...

    This is absolutely WONDERFUL! I love it and am so thrilled that you are doing the prompts in fabric. Even your wicked guy is GREAT! Awesome job!!!!

    Quilt Rat said...

    Okay this is WAY cool!!!! You are off to an amazing start.....just imagine how this will look in 6 months.....AWESOME is right!

    Sherri said...

    oh all right Jaye and Jill...up on that hill...
    I WILL attempt to continue with the fabric CPP

    nag nag nag, all you two ever do is nag and pick on me!

    (j/k) Thanks for the impetus....

    Carol said...

    Love it. Great way to incorporate the prompts.