Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I thought Christmas was over?

You wouldn't know it from the snowfall we got! It looks like a white Christmas outside!!! We got about six inches of snow Sunday night. Sadly this meant the quilt guild meeting was canceled. I really miss that!!! I always get inspired to work in the studio after a guild meeting! Next meeting won't be till the middle of February. (grumble grumble)
This is a shot outside my studio window:
It will take a bit of work to clear the vehicles of snow!
I worked on the Creative Prompt quilt a bit. I added a twisty road.
I know I had said the girl was dancing the twist, but that just didn't settle with my brain. The girl will show the word 'move' and the road is now 'twist' for the prompts.

I am getting ready to sew more today. First I need to go for a short walk in the snow to get my blood circulating! Then I plan to spend the better part of the day, working in the studio. Supper is already in the crock pot and there are three man-boys in the house to steer clear from! They are playing Wii and other games. Too bad there isn't a football game for them to watch too! (NOT) hahahaha

Now go sew something!!!


Quilt Rat said...

This is in response to your comment....huh...what? No of course the word was not flamingo.......But you know me I nearly always do something odd for the CPP Flamingos are PINK!!!!
I thought it would be fun to have my readers guess the word....just a new "twist" he he he insert "wicked" laugh

Sherri said...

I knew you were doing pink with a flamingo, I was just being silly. It happens once in a blue moon.
And it is good Christmas IS over or you'd get coal for sure, in your stocking, for being so wicked/naughty!