Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well THAT was Interesting!

I have had an interesting time of it! I landed in the hospital on Thursday with severe vertigo! I have NEVER been that dizzy, for that long of a time. They got the symptoms under control and checked for the more serious problems it could have been. Good news is that it was not a stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, or a brain tumor. I see my regular doctor on Monday to begin to do more investigation to see what it might be. Meantime I feel like I had the flu and am mostly tired, therefore I am resting a lot.

Since I have been told to stay home and stay in bed or sitting for three days, I have had time to be in the studio, sitting, and planning one of my next quilts! I am NOT overdoing this though! No nagging please! :D

I am sure you have noticed the new badge on my sidebar. I am going to attempt a block-of-the-month applique' project called "My Tweets." I have never followed antibody's pattern this closely but I love the colors so much, that I wanted to make this into 'my' quilt with my froo-froo colors!

Here is block one:
Here are the fabrics I am pulling for it. The flowers and tail feathers will be in these fabrics:
The leaves and stems in these greens:
And I think I will do the birds in these fabrics:
Of course all this could change! I have to order the background fabric for the blocks. For now I am working on cutting out the freezer paper pattern pieces. Click on the badge to go and find out more about this project. The maker is Erin Russek. The 12 blocks will be free patterns and the center medallion is only $10 on her Etsy page.
I think this will be a fun hand applique' project for me to work on. I really like that it is only one block a month for now. :)

Now go sew something!


Sandy H said...

I had a bout of vertigo this fall--started while I was out of town on business. Spent 24 hours stuck in bed in a hotel room because even rolling to the side to get up made me sick. It eased up enough for me to get home the next day, and I could function after that, but overall lasted several weeks. I just noticed a couple of weeks ago that I was no longer having any symptoms, and that was about 3 months altogether. So here's sending you faster recovery wishes!

Sherri said...

Thanks Sandy, for sharing all that. I was surprised at how many people have had this! It sure scares the heck out of a person!!!
Doc says for now we wait to see if it happens again. I am fine with that. I feel fine today too. :)

Jaye said...

Thanks for the details. I saw your post on FB and wondered, but never like to ask about medical stuff. I am glad you used your time well. I love the colors you are choosing for your block of the month project. Can't wait to see it hanging next to the U is for Unicorn quilt! ;-)

Sherri said...

nag nag nag Jaye! You are as bad as The Mr.! He too, mentioned something about working more on the Unicorn quilt. I ONLY have the borders to do...the APPLIQUED borders!!! lol