Monday, February 7, 2011

So That Didn't Exactly Work Out!

For some reason, yesterday started well and turned into a disaster! First the good stuff! The block for the guild, turned out great! I even got all the directions done for it...AND...they make sense! It is just a simple single Irish chain block. I think it will be awesome done in all the different greens that the members use for their blocks!

Then I tried making the guild block for April. That one was to be a paper-pieced block. One thing that I forgot though, was that the pattern for it would not fit in the newsletter! I toyed with the idea of having them make several small blocks and joining them together into the large block. I quickly realized that most would not have a way to print out multiple copies. They might lack the patience and skills required to sew four paper-pieced blocks together. (I know I do!!!) I need lots of blocks turned in to make this work. I don't want to discourage anyone! I will have to try doing this in a different way.

Next I tried the tessellated block. I can't explain why it wasn't going to work, but it wasn't going to! I would have had to cut all 80 strips down in size. It would have taken all the fun out of making the quilt! I thought about it for a while and came up with the idea of making a log cabin quilt. I have never made one before! I even had the perfect red fabric to put in the center!

I think I have enough fabric to make 20 blocks, maybe more. I made one block to puzzle out the cutting and such. Of course I made it a little wrong. Believe it or not, there IS a difference! The lighter strips were supposed to be where the darker ones are and vice versa. Guess what? I am NOT going to rip this out and make it over again. I am going with this layout. So there!!! hahaha
I think this will be a pretty quilt and should even be done near next Autumn, when the leaves are falling again!

They are predicting yet another snow storm for central Arkansas this week. We think we will be snowed in again. At least we have all day tomorrow to prepare for it!

I am going to kick the 'boys' off the Wii and sit and watch some good TV and sew on my applique block. Have a nice evening, everyone!


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