Sunday, February 6, 2011

This is NOT for the Birds!

I thought you might be tired of seeing my latest distraction; my "My Tweets" quilt. Today is Superbowl Sunday. I plan to spend it in the studio. I have several projects that are vying for my attention today!

I do a block-of-the-month for my quilt guild. I make the block patterns and have to test the patterns and the instructions! This means I usually make more than one block of the same pattern.

One of the future BOM's will be a paper-pieced block called "Twisters"

The next test block I have is for my personal
"Fallin' Leaves" quilt:
I am using a jelly roll with this one. This will be a challenge for me, in more than one way. First off, it is a tessellated quilt. That means it has to interlace and repeat a pattern that you can see in more than one colorway. I am not explaining this too well! I guess you will have to come back to see if I am successful with this test block.

This is another BOM for the guild, ready to be tested:

Jaye put a comment in her blog a few days ago, about my Unicorn quilt. This is for Jaye...I am LOOKING at the book to see what the next steps are!!! She is such a nag! j/k

Finally, in the evenings, I am working on sewing
down (appliqueing) block one of my "My Tweets" quilt.

I hope that most of this keeps me busy today. I am not a Superbowl fanatic. In fact, I have podcasts and recorded movies to listen to or watch in the studio. If I didn't have to make supper or use the bathroom, I wouldn't have to come out of here all day!

I hope your Superbowl Sunday is a Super Day!
Now go sew something!

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