Thursday, February 3, 2011

Center of Tweets

I am doing the center medallion for the "My Tweets" quilt. I don't have block number one sewn down yet, but I am working on it. In the meantime, I am also working on the center pattern for this quilt.

When I attached the fabrics to the first block, I had some glue go through and stick on the paper. This time I put plastic wrap down over the paper pattern. It worked like a charm! Where the glue made it through, the plastic pulled right off with no ill affects! I also used less glue than I did on the first block. I will try to use even less on the next block!
Here are some of the pieces, ready to be glued down:
Besides using my weights for exercising, they make great pattern holder-downers!

Here is the center medallion, glued and ready to be sewn down:
I love how this turned out! My husband has been a great help with some of the fabric color choices too! It took almost as long to pick out fabrics as it did to prepare the snippets and glue them down! I want this to be as close to perfect in every way!

Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. This is VERY unusual for this part of the south! I am ok with it, as long as no one gets hurt. I think I will watch some movies tomorrow and sit and sew on the block. Of course I have to get groceries first, and run a few errands. But later...later...a girl can dream of down time to relax and sew, with a needle and thread!!!

Now, YOU go sew something!


Quilt Rat said...

oooooo Sherri.......this is fabulous!
Wonderful job on your colour/fabric choices
I am hoping to get a start on my center block is waiting ever so patiently for me

Quilt Rat said... you notice something missing? If you look at the photo of this on the pattern package you will see that we should have a few more leaves.

wanna hint>

look at the flowers on the upper part of the vase.

Sherri said...

GOOD catch! And thank goodness I have more of that fabric! I fussy cut it for those flowers' leaves! lol THANKS!