Friday, April 29, 2011

No More Excuses!!!

I could use this picture to defend why the studio is not really progressing:
That was the radar shot from Tuesday. We live in the center of the state, under the 'spider star' I put on the picture. It has been rather dicey in our state, as well as others, down here in the south! I feel terrible about how many lives have been lost. It has been really bad. The worst that happened to us was that our electricity has gone out for about a day. That pales in comparison to the losses others have suffered.

I did manage to get our guild's newsletter done, even though it was late due to the storms and power outages. I don't have much of an excuse for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday though. I managed to get the bins that were under the frame table, moved by the front window. I love being able to get closer to my windows! I hope to try to tackle more of the mess over the weekend. REALLY!!!

Lastly, here is my latest obsession:
I came across three bowls in the thrift shop and fell in love! An artist by the name of Sue Zipkin is the designer. Her designs remind me of quilting. I haven't a clue as to why! I might try to cobble together a set of dinnerware with one of her designs. I have wanted a new set of dishes for years now!

That is all the latest from here. I am doing very well these days. No depression and I am just doing better all the way around! I love it when life is this nice to me! I feel VERY blessed to be alive these days.

Now, YOU, go sew something!


grandmarockton said...

Hope your SAFE!

Jaye said...

Glad you are safe. The dishes look wonderful and I am really glad you are feeling well. I attribute it to your exercise regime and the reading of my blog. ;-)

karenfae said...

I recognized the Arkansas map as soon as I saw it. I have been going through the Quilters Blogger site this afternoon and see I have found another from Arkansas - hope we miss all the bad storms this weekend!

Sherri said...

@Grandmarockton: thank you, yes we are safe!

@Jaye, you KNOW you inspire me to spend money on good stuff and to keep working on good stuff and to just keep doing good stuff! :)

@Karen, I hope we only get gentle rains at the most!!! Thanks for visiting my blog too! :)