Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lunch Break!

I am using one of the new bowls I found. I think I will get more of these dishes. They are SO ME!!!
This is a studio shot out my window. The table is no longer in front of it, so you would normally be able to see more. It was noon when I took this shot. Does it look like night time to you? That is because we are getting storms here again! They are saying over five inches of rain will fall before this is done. Then it is supposed to rain more! I just hope the wind doesn't come and blow down trees due to waterlogged tree roots!!!
Here is a shot through the screen. It just looks wet out there. You can't really tell that there are lots of petals on the street from the tree above.

I am working on my studio too. I have set a goal to be sewing by the end of the day! Enjoy having power and dry feet out there!!! AND go sew something!!!

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