Thursday, April 14, 2011

Of Good Friends and Messy Spaces

"The Mister" will be starting a new job on Monday. He is finishing out his old job this week. He used to be on night shift but is on day shift to finish out his time at the old job. He will also be on straight day shift at the new place. This all means I have more time to get into 'trouble' as I have the house to myself during the day. I love it!!! I have been going and doing all kinds of things for the past two days now! Tomorrow I should be able to finish up my running around for a while and pay more attention to things at home!

I recently sold my HandiQuilter frame and have piled the specialty table up with stuff. That is one thing I need to attend to soon! What a mess!!!

I have not decided how I will re-arrange the studio, but I am looking forward to a bit more elbow room. I may sell my Pfaff GrandQuilter too. I am very comfortable with this downsizing.

I have good friends. Out of the blue, my dear online quilting buddy, Cheryl from Kentucky, sent me this:
There is a very cute quilt pattern, three spools of Mettler threads and the cutest FQ of fabric that SO reminds me of my quilting buddies. The fabric feels really nice too. Thank you Cheryl! You are such a sweetheart!!!

One of my other online quilty friends, Jaye, has been tempting me with books this week. The one with several sewing projects in it, has me most tempted to spend a few bucks on. She promises me another one is coming up soon that I will like even better! I have such wonderful friends!

Time to work on the supper for tonight. I am thinking about doing more on the "U is for Unicorn" quilt borders soon. It would be nice to have that project finished up!

For the rest of you...GO SEW SOMETHING!!!

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