Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ahhhhh, Fabric Therapy Day!

I didn't spend much time in the studio, but made progress on several fronts. I used "Leaf Quilt" blocks to start and finish off chain-piecing:
I am going to SO love this quilt as a pretty utility quilt that is made for autumn viewing!

I finished the second basket block. I always make two blocks for the guild block of the month. I keep one and share one for the monthly drawings.
Here is a closer view of the second basket:
This will be the one I will keep.

I also realized I had not put up a photo of the second block completed in the "My Tweets" block of the month!
I am almost done with the third block too. I haven't decided how to finish the eyes of the birds yet though. I am already dreading the quilting of this quilt!!! It needs to be done really well!

That is it for today! Tomorrow is my guild meeting. I always look forward to going to it. Hope you are having a great weekend too!


Anonymous said...

Sherri! Love the leaf quilt. Very pretty colors. You are one lucky lady to get such a neat gift.

Glad hubby got a new job. Things sure will be better with him home at nite.

How is Tommy doing? He must be so big by now.

Big hug, Blue

Jaye said...

Is that basket handle braided? Then appliqued?

Sherri said...

@Blue, Tommy is doing great!

@Jaye, yes, I made thin tubes, braided, then pressed the fabric. I have not sewn them down yet but I will probably sew straight through the center with monofiliment thread to encourage the 3-D effect.