Friday, May 20, 2011

It Was a Dark and Stormy ....

It was a dark and stormy night? At 1:00 in the afternoon though? The skies were so dark that the yard light and street lights came on! It was just a good old fashioned heavy rain though.
We needed it too. The yard was turning brown already and it isn't even summer!
If you look REAL close you can see a tree with a birdbath in front of it, in the center of that photo above.

So far today, I did my morning exercises at the center, picked up my bike from the shop, stopped at another shop to check on repairs to an old watch, went to my son's school for a few hours of their field day, and am now taking a quick break to type this up. Thank goodness the rains held off until after field day was over!

I am in the tedious process of starching and turning under all the bits for the next two "My Tweets" blocks.
The starch scorches easily, even though it is diluted. This is a scrap of plywood with a scrap of batting and a piece of cheapo muslin covering it. This way I don't muck up my ironing board pad. I can change it out when it gets so bad I can't stand it anymore! Of course it looks like I should already be changing it!

This is one of the three pieces that become topknots on the birds. The penny is to show scale. Though tedious, I really AM enjoying this process and project. I am enjoying being productive in the studio even more!

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