Thursday, May 5, 2011

What is REALLY Going on Here?

I was reading Jaye's blog today, as per usual. Today she was talking about her UFO's and how she tackles her projects, etc. It made me think about my projects.
In no particular order I have the following projects that are screaming for my attention:
  • Finish cleaning the studio (there really isn't much left to do!)
  • U is for Unicorn Quilt (borders have been hanging on the design wall for over a month)
  • Hexagon Quilt (it sits on the frame, sad, alone, untouched since January)
  • My Tweets Quilt (this is a block of the month that I am a month behind on)
  • Cathedral Windows Quilt (currently getting my attention each evening)
  • Leafy Log Cabin Quilt (half cut, almost all of first half sewn together)
  • Three Arches Quilt (needs embellishing)
I wonder why I am avoiding doing the work on any of these projects? Part of the reason is because I leave the house every morning to work out at the gym. I never used to do that. After exercising, I run errands. I average being gone four hours each morning now.

When I get home, I just don't feel like sitting and sewing. What do I do instead though? I sit at the computer!!! Then I get my son at school. Soon after that it is time to start supper. After supper I don't feel like going in the studio either. This will NOT do!!!

I kinda know why I don't like working on some of the projects right now. The U is for Unicorn is at an intensely, hard, intricate, major, time consuming, stage right now. I just am not looking forward to finishing up the borders.

The Hexagon Quilt is being hand quilted. It is very very time consuming and is a king size quilt. Just to set up to stitch takes time. It cannot sit out where I do most of my hand work, because the cats want to use it for a bed. This means I have to wrestle it back into the studio again, when done. It seems like a lot of work to do for just an hour of hand work.

I am waiting for the next block for the My Tweets quilt. Then I will do the two of them at the same time. It really isn't a problem, other than I would rather work on it than any of the other projects!

Cathedral Windows is the same. I work on it, in between the My Tweets.

I am not sure why I haven't proceeded on the Leafy Log Cabin quilt. It is made from pre-cut strips, so half the cutting is already done! And the Three Arches quilt is just hanging there. I want to embellish it more, but have not been inspired as to how.

The I avoiding finishing the studio so I can continue to avoid sewing? If so, why??? I did clear a spot around the machine and sewed up a tote for my yoga mat yesterday. That took less than thirty minutes to do and turned out great!

I am sure I will figure it out soon enough. It might be that I just need to get that balance between life outside the house and life inside the house, well, balanced! In the meantime, I will read Jaye's blog, listen to Sandy's podcast, and work on my quilt guild newsletter and block of the month patterns for it. At least that keeps me in the neighborhood of quilters and quilting. :)


Jaye said...

Perhaps you need to just give yourself a break. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Say "self, I am not doing any quilty or fiber related projects until June 1. Then shut the door to the studio and stay out. Read some mystery novels. Clean out the kitchen drawers, do a spring clean. Just don't sew!

What I do after the gym is come home, eat breakfast and read the paper, then go set the timer for computer time and once that is finished, I take a shower and run my errands. I know it is better just to get them all done at once, but sometimes it is too long to be out without eating and I find that I want to get the errands done before school lets out, so I am more inclined to get out and do them after I have had a break.

Sherri said...

Good ideas Jaye. I may have to try that soon.
My schedule is I get up, have one cup of coffee, get the child to school, go to the gym to do my pool exercises, then either home or run errands and go home. For some reason there always seems to be errands to run!!!
This will all change when school is out.
At any rate, thanks Jaye, as always, for your ideas. :)