Friday, June 10, 2011

X Marks the Spot!

When you don't have an X, then use a dot!!!
I don't always share ideas or techniques with you. Shame on me! I just don't think to do this! In listening to podcasts and reading some of the excellent blogs by fellow quilters, seems to be rubbing off on me! So, today when I solved a reoccurring problem, I thought I would share my solution!

There have been times when I have made blocks that needed to be squared up. When parts of your block are done on point instead of at right angles to the sides, it can be tricky to see your centers. Many rulers have a half inch measurement that fools the eye, as to just where that center is, on the block. Some rulers may have the centers marked, but the 12.5" ruler I have, does not have any marking that indicates the exact center.
First I used a paper punch to punch out a little dot on the end of a sheet of mailing labels. I peeled away the paper backing and now had a sticky dot.
Next I measured out the exact center of my ruler and placed the dot on it:
I could use the diagonal lines on the ruler to make sure things were squared up. You can see the dot in the center and the edges that will be trimmed off on the photo below:
I know, I know, I should probably be able to make a block that comes out as a perfect 12.5" unfinished block without having to trim it up, but I AM the LAZY quilter! I prefer my way.
I really liked how slick this worked out! I could have used removable tape as well, but this white dot shows up better. It is so tiny, that you can still see through the ruler to see your fabric below. It is easily removed too.

I figured I should show that I really AM working on those borders for the U is for Unicorn quilt. They really are very labor intensive. I just don't have the stamina to work on them for hours on end.
I am currently using a metallic thread to make the veins in the wings of dragonflies:
I work on them for about a half an hour before having to walk away for a while. It will take time, but at least it will be done...some day!

Not only am I lazy, my cat is too! Moqui likes to lay by the front door because it is a warm spot in our house. Cats don't appreciate air conditioning like we do, I guess.
Yes, he really sleeps like this, half upside down, in the corner.

I also finished a second block for the guild. That was the one I was using to show the 'dot' method I talked about earlier. What a fun and challenging block this has been!
Now I have to write out the directions for it. Sometimes making your own blocks can be very daunting! Trying to explain in words, what my eyes tell me to do, is not always easy!

I think I will go to the pool for a while, with my ten year old son. Then home to make supper! I hope you are keeping cool too and getting your "sewey" on! lol

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