Sunday, July 10, 2011

I AM still here!

I have very little to say though! We made it through the 4th of July, which was a very big deal this year. All my adult children and my son-in-law, came for the weekend. I did tease them that this cartoon could have been based on their visit:
It was a great time. We went through things I was holding onto for them. We went through photos. We watched old 8mm movies that my Dad had taken, from about 60 years ago!

I am still getting things back to normal here. Summer has turned out to be busier than expected. Not that this is a bad thing! School starts in five weeks too. Mostly I am putting the finishing touches on a minor reorganization of the studio, due to last weekend's visit. (I got rid of FOUR boxes of 'stuff')

Out the window it is hot. Every day sees temps over 90 and little to no rain. It is brutal out there! We are watering everything about twice a week. You can see the Morning Glory plants are happy:
That is them, climbing up a Shepherd's stake that is just outside my studio window. I am trying to keep up with several things at one time and this causes me to not be able to post much because there isn't much of my own news to post about! Suffice it to say, I am doing great though. I look forward to this fall when I can go for walks again and the weather is more conducive to sewing and quilting.

Off to the pool now! Thank goodness for the local public outdoor pool to go cool off at!

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