Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

It has turned out to be a busy summer for me! I haven't turned the machines on much. I have been working on hand sewing a lot of things, plus making those bags earlier in summer.

Over the weekend our neighbors had a garage sale and I scored some neat stuff! I got three sets of knitting needles (I don't knit!), some embroidery floss (that I hope to use for the bird eyes in the My Tweets project), a thread holder stand, a medium size embroidery hoop, a wooden shelf, a little decorative table, and this:
It is a nice quilt rack! Everything all together was $20. Not a bad haul at all!
The fabric and batting on the rack is from my guild. I have three charity quilt projects I am doing for them. I figured it would jump start me to get back into the studio and to get to work on my own projects!
Here are some of the first blocks for one of the charity quilts, piled next to my Juki, waiting to be sewn together. I also have bits of scraps that I use to lead on and off with, while chain piecing. I make fabric from fabric scraps for odd projects!

I am pulling fabrics for the next block-of-the-month for the guild. It will be a paper-pieced block with a sun theme.

I did get two Creative Prompt Project words done too! I am not doing them in order, exactly. The latest two are:

The word "NEW" wasn't easy for me to do. Nothing really came to mind that would translate onto paper. The word "STEM" was easier for me. I have been making lots of stems for the My Tweets quilt. I was inspired by that, to do the drawing above.

This last little bit of fabric is something I am going to try and use to re-do a challenge quilt. It is a secret for now and I am only sharing the fabric to tease you with it!
That's all for today! Keep cool and see you here next time!

PS: I forgot to mention that Jaye sent me a gift!
I love having something that speaks to the artist in me, not just the fabric artist side. Thanks Jaye!!!

PPS: The reason I got this deck of inspirational cards was because I contributed to the Creative Prompt Project when Jaye was having a give-a-way on her blog. You never know when she might do that! Come join the fun! Click on Clara the Cow on my sidebar! (Thanks again Jaye!!!)


Jaye said...

You have to say that you won the Whack Pack as a prize for posting some responses. You worked for it!

Love the Stem response, especially. After reading about your embroidery floss, I immediately thought of what a nice embroidery design that would be be.

New was hard! Who makes up these words anyway? ;-)

Sherri said...

I added a PPS as to HOW I won the cards. :)

(you're so bossy!) roflmao!