Friday, July 22, 2011

Creative Prompt Catch-up!

I am slowly getting caught up on my Creative Prompts!

The first one here is #97 - Sky:
At the time I was working on it, there was a show on about the end of the world and people were looking into the sky, seeing bombs going off in the distance. Yes, I know it is morbid. I have my moments, okay?

Next is #101-Pink:
This is happier! I took the opportunity to experiment with some of my drawing and coloring tools. I first laid down a pattern with white pencil and then did a wash over it with watercolor pencils. I was trying to mimic how the water dances in the light. It is faint, but you can see it if you look hard enough!
(Remember, you can click on my pictures to see a larger image too.)

Now we move on to #105-Ink:
I used this drawing to poke fun at Jaye, the instigator of the Creative Prompt Project!

Lastly we have #114:
There wasn't a word to go with the prompt. Instead she shared this photo:
It is from Philadelphia's Magic Gardens. Jaye recently came back from a trip to the east coast and had several photos that inspired her there. Maybe I have been in Arkansas too long and am turning into a red-neck? No, that is sunburn, not a true red-neck! I still had to go with my first thought though, and shot the bottle.

Sometimes doing the Creative Prompts is the only creative thing that gets done around here. Life tends to get in the way of my creative side. Why not give this a try too? It is for your own benefit, and it is not a competition. Join us for some fun!

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Jaye said...

Dear SherriD,
I love the way you are using the prompts to explore in different ways - both with imagery and media. GREAT work and thanks for playing along. Can't wait to hear a review of the Whack Pack. ;-)