Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Updating

I finished another Creative Prompt last night. This one is #99-Wicked:

I finished these two paper-pieced blocks for this month's block-of-the-month, for my quilting guild:
It is supposed to represent the hot August sun. I think I captured it in pattern as well as in color! It would make a stunning quilt too. I hope some of the guild members do this block. The winner of all the blocks will have a lot of work done to make this into a quilt!

My studio is a mess again. I hope to tidy up a bit and to work on the newsletter today. I am taking the day off in other ways, so I need to use my energies to catch up on projects!

Hope you are staying cool, where ever you may be, today!


Jaye said...

WOW! Nice work on both the CPP and the paper piecing. The response is pretty curvy on a lot of levels. Nice how you just used one color and didn't worry about color in addition to shape.

Sherri said...

One color? Well, perhaps if you think of ten different shades of red being one color. lol

Thanks Jaye!