Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fresh Breath of Air

Around 8am the skies darkened and the winds blew! This is the view to the east:
We had rain yesterday, that was very much needed! Although the clouds this morning looked full of rain, we mostly had wind and only a tiny spit of rain from them. This afternoon it is supposed to be in the nineties! I can't imagine the humidity that will produce!

Last night I finished two more Creative Prompts. I am getting caught up! This first one is #107 - Illuminate:
Currently there is a 'law' that no more traditional light-bulbs can be sold in the USA. I heard there was a movement to suppress that law though. I think it is a bit stupid because the energy efficient light-bulbs are not environmentally friendly when thrown in the landfills. Government talk gives me headaches! hahaha!

Next up is #104 - Sassy:
I had a devil of a time coming up with the idea for this one. I could picture a dog I knew years ago, named Sassy. I thought of how kids are sassy. Finally I came up with a girl with a poodle. She is headed to a renaissance festival. She will be a sassy wench and will flirt with all the knights and knaves there!

I am working on the charity quilts these days. I am almost done with the third top. Then I will sandwich them and start quilting. I hope they will jump-start my quilting drive so I get back at my own projects! I am not allowing myself to start a new project unless I finish at least ONE of my current UFO's. Wish me luck!

Bye for now and see you next time!


Jaye said...

Love the story that goes with your Sassy response! The poodle is awesome, too. Draw larger!

Sherri said...

Remember you can click the photo to enlarge it too! :)

Thanks for visiting Jaye!