Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Holidays Approach-eth!

(Big deep breath!) I think I am back! My life was extra busy for a few weeks! What has been keeping me away from posting here, you ask? Ok, maybe you didn't ask. I am going to tell you anyway.
First off, my quilt guild has kept me hopping!
  • I was the chairman for a nominating committee to get new officers lined up.
  • I am the newsletter editor and had a couple of intense newsletters to produce.
  • I am the membership chairman and had a bunch of new members join.
  • Membership also had the kick off for renewing memberships for 2012.
  • I am turning over the membership position to another member now, and that has entailed getting information gathered and instructions made on how to do the job.
  • I am now the webmaster for the guild and have been working on learning how to manage that website.
  • I had trouble making this month's block and finally finished the umpteenth redo of both blocks last night!
I am rather pleased with how the blocks turned out.
This first one has embroidered eyes:
The second one has beads for eyes:
Besides doing all the guild stuff, we (my husband, son, and myself) were playing minstrels at a renaissance and fantasy faire last weekend:
This is us on stage for one of our performances on the first day. Leading up to that weekend were days and weekends of practicing and dress rehearsals. I had to modify costumes for my growing son and my shrinking self! It had been two years since we were last able to perform and my son grew a lot from age eight to ten! I shrunk several dress sizes over this past year and it was tricky, adjusting my costume to fit! We had a blast though and hope to do more of this next year.

I am slowly getting back into the swing of things here in the studio. Guess what is up on my design wall right now? Yes, it is the U is for Unicorn quilt!
I am back to work on the borders for it. I was making a castle yesterday. You can see the front of the border strip with part of the castle on it and the back with all the tear-a-way stabilizer here:

Last but not least, I finished another block for the My Tweets quilt:
This is block #7. I am only behind three blocks now!

Phew! When I do a catch up posting, I write a LOT! I hope to not be such a stranger on here. Believe it or not, the holidays seem to be a more relaxing time for me! I hope to get lots more sewing done! See you back here soon!


Quilt Rat said...

you said "extra busy" ???? really? I'd say that is a major understatement. You certainly do an awful lot for your guild. Sounds like you all need a few more warm bodies to step up and take on some of the duties. I know it is tough to get some folks to volunteer isn't it?
Great to see that you are getting at least a little time for stitching :-)

Jaye said...

U is for Unicorn is so gorgeous!

Sherri said...

thanks Jaye and Jill...

It feels good to be back in the studio again! And I am keeping that Unicorn quilt on the design wall for inspiration!