Saturday, October 22, 2011

Over the next seven days, I need to...

  1. Finish quilt guild newsletter.
  2. Update membership database and get notebook ready to turn over to new membership person.
  3. Practice music for the two day show for next weekend.
  4. Print newsletter.
  5. Email newsletter to members.
  6. Snail mail newsletter to members who don't get it by email.
  7. Upload newsletter to web site.
  8. Plan food, clothing, costumes, and instruments for upcoming trip.
  9. Celebrate birthday.
  10. Exercise 60 minutes daily.
  11. Write notes up for house and pet sitter.
  12. Pack van.
  13. Check motel reservations.
  14. Get laundry done early because we won't be here over the weekend.
  15. Call front end alignment place to see if they will charge to do a better job.
  16. Call repair place to see if they will re-fix the indoor, door trim on the van so it doesn't flop around.
  17. Get groceries for trip and house sitter.
  18. Get prizes to son's school for the fall festival.
  19. I am sure there is more, but I am too tired to think about it!
(Things in light colors are done!!!)
There are a lot of new and fun things coming in November! See you then!
Now go sew something!!!


Barb said...

Is that all????

Sherri said...

Actually, no! lolol

Jaye said...

I have been wondering where you were and after reading this post, now I know. Hope you got stuff done. My guild has a different person do the snailmail mailing - not the newsletter person's job. It is a goodjob for someone who wants to contribute, but doesn't have a lot of time. Have fun on your trip.