Monday, October 17, 2011

Creepy Creative Prompts

With Halloween right around the corner, I've got costumes and creepy thoughts on the brain!
I did my Creative response to #120 - Willow. I made my version of a Will-o'-the-wisp in an old dead willow tree.

Creative Prompt #122 was Dress and I did a version of the costumes we wear when performing at renaissance faires. You wouldn't see me in purple and pink though! Those colors are not considered "period correct" for the costume inspectors.

Speaking of costumes, get a look at this:
This is me in my renfaire costume. I made most of the costume myself. The brown overdress is not made by me. I did have to take it in, about eight inches, because of all the weight I've lost!
The Me on the left is the newer me and the Me on the right is from about five years ago. As of today, I've lost almost 80 pounds. Thank goodness I am able to make the alterations!

I am busy with guild stuff this month. In fact, I am looking forward to November and the holidays because things tend to slow down for me then! You would think the holidays would be a stressful time, but not for me! I am looking forward to enjoying them and doing a lot of quilting too!


Carolyn in Kentucky said...

You look amazing, congratulations on all the hard work to lose so much weight. I love the split screen picture, it tells the whole story.

Jaye said...

I love the before and after photos. You should be so proud. 80lbs is AWESOME!!!!!

Sherri said...

Thank you ladies! I can hardly believe it myself! But I DO love it! :)