Friday, October 7, 2011

Making Turkeys

I am not using an oven to bake this turkey! I am working on the November block-of-the-month for my guild. I had so much trouble with the October block, that I am trying to get this one farther along so I don't have so much to do at the end of the month when the newsletter needs to be published!
I made a basic black and white printout of my idea and am pulling fabrics for the parts in that first picture.

I am starting to machine applique the pieces onto the background block. My machine does a nice blanket stitch and I am using that for this project.

I finished the first block, but I didn't really like the wattle. That is the red part that hangs from the beak. Last night I did a little un-sewing and took it off. Picking out all those stitches was tedious but......

......I really like how the new one looks! Much better, don't ya think?

Next I have to interpret all the directions so the guild members can understand what I am telling them to do!

The weather has been fantastic here. The air is dry. The mornings are cool and the afternoons are warm. Halloween is just around the corner! So is my next birthday. I wonder how I will celebrate it this year? hmmmm???


SNAP said...

This is ADORABLE!!! I can so see this turkey in the right lower corner of a placemat, opened at the top so you could slide a napkin and silverware in. you are so creative!!!!

Jaye said...

Really great idea. Love that you used the fan block.

Madame Samm said...

love your second one too..if you would love to join us in NOV for block month to have you at

Sherri said...

That's a clever idea Sharon! Thank you both for your kind comments. It was a fun block to do! Now I have to get the wording right for instructions! lol