Friday, February 10, 2012

Spring Came a Tad Early

I have done a little spring cleaning, even though some of our coldest weather is finally headed towards us, here in the south. I hung some new thread racks. (Can one have too many thread racks?) I also did some rearranging and sold my dress form. This freed up an amazing amount of floor space!
There is now enough space to not only have my sewing studio, home office (read computer), but also my exercise equipment! I have an exercise ball, a stepper, and hand weights that I sometimes use while watching exercise videos on the computer. I also use the weights to hold down pattern pieces.
Ain't I clever!

Hey Jaye, if you're out there watching, I put the borders back up on my design wall from the U is for Unicorn quilt. I have to satin stitch around all those flowers! This is why it is so slow going. The work is daunting and time consuming. I am tired of it! But I am also so close to finishing that I want to get-er-done!
These are the flowers that all have to be added to the border:

On the bottom of the above photo are the two wings for the dragon that will be appliqued on later.
I've also cut out all the strips for the leafy log cabin quilt. I have 33 more blocks to assemble now. This will be a king size quilt. I like having some straight stitching to go to when I just need easy piece work for fabric therapy!
This is all the latest from here. I best get back at it before I lose my momentum!


Jaye said...

poor baby! That is a lot of flowers to satin stitch. Do you think applique will be out of your system when you are done with this quilt?

BTW, you don't have to stitch them all today. Just stitch one today and one tomorrow. You'll make progress with manageable bites.

Sherri D said...

Thanks Jaye and no, I doubt applique will be out of my system, although satin stitching methods will not be seen in any future quilts! I am hand appliquing the My Tweets blocks and the hand quilting on the hexagon king quilt too. I hope my hands hold out till I am in my 90's, which is when this stuff will get done! lol