Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just Checking in...

I've added more flowers to be satin stitched down, on one of the side borders of the U is for Unicorn quilt:
This is the same border I've been messing with for about a year now! I also started preparing the bottom border and hope to get to it as soon as I finish off the one above.
The Leaf Quilt strips are all cut out here. I had done a bunch of the blocks months ago, but then stalled out on this project. These strips are for the 33 blocks, left to be made:
I also finished ironing over the applique pieces for the next Tweets block. I am way behind on this block of the month! At least I am making progress.
I have one of my renaissance costumes in the studio too. It is staring at me and daring me to attempt resizing it down about TEN dress sizes!!!

So, not a lot of progress, but at least some progress has happened. It does feel SO good to be working in the studio!

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