Sunday, June 3, 2012


I finished my ATC cards for the swap! They went in a totally different direction that I had planned to go in though! Here is what they looked like when they were almost done:
What a mishmash of fabric bits, sequins, beads, and tools! But I did get them completed and will mail them out this week! They are all 'flying' across the Pacific to my secret swap partner! Here are the four ATC's:

"Happy Hooter"

"Bird Talk"


"Dorky Stork"

I also completed four blocks for our June Block of the Month for my guild. I hope there are a bunch turned in! I hope I can win them too, as this would make for a stunning quilt!

This is all I have to show for accomplishments from the studio. I bought a new sketchbook and I need to embellish the cover. My old one is almost full of creative prompts! This new one will have me doing my creative prompts in a totally different manner! I hope to also incorporate more of an art journal type feel to it!

Now I need to get some goodies to wrap around my ATC swap partner's cards for 'packing' material. See you next time!

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Monika said...

Your ATCs are looking fabulous!