Saturday, June 23, 2012

Studio Report

I have the center done for this quilt top. I don't know why the image came out so poorly. I still have a lot to learn about using my camera I guess.

Now I need to decide how to quilt or finish that large white space in the center. This will eventually be a donation quilt and I want to do justice to it! I also want it to be 'man-friendly'. Many donation quilts are easily made for females but not for the guys.
I think I will add borders of a certain color and then match that color in thread when quilting the center. I might do an applique piece in the center. I just don't know yet!

I am still tweaking this landscape quilt. I have been experimenting with paints for the tiny purple flower clusters that are growing on vines on the bridge.

I am not thrilled with the outcome so far. Of course, I am my own worst critic with such things!

Here is a closeup of the branch with the three dimensional flowers. I still am happy I did this with the fabric flowers, throughout this quilt.

Finally, here are the blocks I made for our guild's July meeting. All the blocks that are made for the July block of the month will be donated to Quilts of Valor. They have made some very nice quilts from the blocks we've turned in, in the past.

The two on the bottom are probably going to be worked on more to make them more interesting. They are from my first attempt of designing a block for July. I like the top four a LOT better!

That's it for today. I have three Creative Prompts that need to be scanned and loaded. I hope to get them up this weekend yet!

Hope you're all keeping cool today! I know I am, and I plan to sew a bunch more, while enjoying the AC indoors! See you next time!

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Jaye said...

How nice that you are donating blocks to Quilts of Valor. What a nice idea for a July block of the month.