Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Creative Promts: 132-Ocean, 133-Green, and 134-Flicker

I did a few more Creative Prompts recently.
#132 - Ocean

#133 - Green

And #134 - Flicker
I am working on a few more. It is super hot this week with the temps in the 100's and last night's low temp was 81°. I am not in the mood to quilt much! Instead I will head to the pool with the child today. Don't worry, I will use plenty of sunscreen!


Jaye said...

I am so glad you are still participating. That bird is awesome! A few years ago Amy from the Creative Mom Podcast did a series of birds and it really got me interested in, at least, looking at the birds that live in my yard. I didn't know a flicker was a kind of bird.

Nice colorwork on the Ocean as well.

Jaye said...

PS I read your comment on Frances' blog about your child turning into an evil demon (not your exact words). Try altering his diet. I can't imagine that you give him much junk food, but take out any high fructose corn syrup and as many chemicals as possible. Works for me.