Friday, June 29, 2012

More Creative Prompts #135 and #136

Sometimes my Creative Prompt Project is the only project that actually gets completed! Soon Project Runway starts again, as does Weeds. Then on to Dexter, Homeland, Being Human, and all those dark shows I gravitate towards.

To tie this in with my prompts, I give you my
Edward Gorey-esk prompt #135 - Clouds:

And prompt #136 - Holly:

I have more work done than what I can show but my battery in my camera died and needs to be recharged before I can take photos! It is super duper hot outside, so I plan to stay inside and work in the studio today. Enjoy your day too! See you next time!

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Jaye said...

Your responses are full of life today. By that I mean they have soul. Good work! I do like the Edward Gorey-sque idea. It is fun to explore other styles sometimes. I am glad you were able to remember your sister through this exercise as well. That is a very different response. Appreciated, though.