Saturday, December 1, 2012

Surprise! I am posting today too...

I know I didn't HAVE to post today, but then you don't HAVE to read this blog either! So there!

I thought I would share some studio shots today. Here is my design wall with the completed charity quilt, ornament blocks, and the U is for Unicorn border:
 To the left is the edge of my mini-design wall. There is also a lot of crap odd and ends that one would expect to find in an artist/quilter/crazy woman's studio.
Same design wall with the whole cloth quilt I made for a special little lady:
 I had fun quilting around each and every butterfly!
 I also did a wavy line of stitching across the quilt in the other direction.
 It should hold up to lots of loving!

Do you know what this is?
I call it "The Juki Killer". My Juki started making noises. They were not good noises. I tried ALL the usual things like changing bobbins, threads, needles, oiling it, and cleaning it. Nothing helped. I struggled along with the loud click-clicking to finish the final stitches on the Butterfly quilt and didn't go back to that machine till yesterday. I had just purchased attachments for my vacuum that has tiny nozzles. I can now clean inside the machines better, as well as cleaning computers!

An aside also worked amazingly well for vacuuming out the window tracks of our vinyl windows! They WERE horribly full of dust and gunk. Not any more!

Back to the Juki...I got a flashlight and looked inside the end of the Juki. I could see what might have been the end of a spring or it might have been a thread. It was behind the bobbin case. I could only just barely see it. I got my trusty forceps out and though it took several tries and I kept hoping I wasn't grabbing on to the end of a spring that I was going to pull out of shape, I finally got it! I gently pulled and it stubbornly started coming out. I could tell it was not a spring becoming un-sprung! I pulled more and more till close to three inches of thread slid out! I think this may have been gold thread from when I made some costume pieces ... a few YEARS ago!

The Juki now seems to be happy again. If the Juki is happy, Momma is happy too.

Speaking of happiness....Happy Sewing! See ya next time.

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Jaye said...

WHEW! Good job fixing your machine! I sincerely dislike it when my machine is out of order.