Thursday, December 13, 2012

Creative Prompt catch-up and more

I was listening to the Quilting for the Rest of Us podcast this morning. Jaye was talking about design and mentioned the Creative Prompt Project. I have been terribly remiss in posting my CPP's!

 First up are 142- Gift, 143-Melody and 144-East
 145 - Fly
 146-Broke, 147-Indigo and 148-Tea
 149 - Parallelogram
 151 - Memory
I also finished block #10 in the "My Tweets" BOM from 2011:
I made a card out of one of the small ornament blocks: 
The way I can be with erratic posting, I might not post again until after the holidays! Here is my family wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season:



Jaye said...

You look so GREAT!!!! Thanks for sharing your family photo. I am also pleased to know that, despite your fame, you are still working on the Creative Prompt. I would have put each of these in different posts and made the posting last longer, but I know how busy you are so I am just pleased you are working on the CPPs. I have a few responses to post as well. Thanks for the reminder!

Jaye said...

pS Nice tweet block. How is U is for Unicorn doing? ;-)

Sherri D said...

Thanks for dropping by Jaye. The U is for Unicorn is just fine. :P It has a nice dusting forming on it over in the corner. :D