Friday, December 21, 2012

Twas the weekend before Christmas...

I went to the store today to get some pearl cotton thread to mend a cotton sweater that I like a lot. It will be worth it to fix the seam that is coming apart so I can keep wearing this favorite sweater! While in the store I noticed that they had a bunch of art supplies on sale. I had to look and see if anything would catch my eye there.
A while back I had purchased a very small watercolor tablet with just 12 pages. Eventually I want to make a book using those papers. I have also dabbled with a few art journals. I am all over the place with them, but I like having supplies on hand for when those artsy moods strike! When I saw this journal and it was on sale for 40% off, of course I had to buy one!!!
There are 22 pages of 140 pound watercolor quality paper. The sale price was $4.50. It is 5.5" by 8" in size. I think it will be a perfect future journal! Of course, being on sale helped!

I also have been touched by the tragedy of the 20 children killed at Sandy Hill Elementary in Connecticut. Many are sending things to the town to help. Quilters want to help too. However, there is such a huge outpouring of 'things' and money and love, that the poor little town is being swamped in goodness and well wishes. I wanted to do something too. What I have decided on is to make 20 pillowcases and then give them to our local Ronald McDonald house, going through my guild's Outreach Program. I am going to try to have them with me when I go to the next guild meeting in January.
So far I have made a big mess in the studio of piles of fabrics!
(this isn't exactly MY fabric, just a representation of my mess)

I have cut 20 pillowcase bases so far. Next will be 20 cuffs, 20 accent strips, and then I will begin sewing. It should go pretty fast and I feel really good about it all! I am using my favorite pattern that I got from Jaye's blog a while ago. The tutorial is on Twiddletails blog.

I am pretty much ready for Christmas. Tonight we celebrate my husband's birthday and this weekend we will make Chex Mixes and maybe a few cookies. I am anxious to see what Santa brings! Hope your holiday preparations are going well too. Happy Holidays!

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