Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whole lotta sewing going on...kinda

 In no particular order here is what is all going on in the studio these days:
 I am working on starching over the edges of all the pieces to the center medallion for the Jingle Bells quilt.
 Block one of the Jingle Bell BOM is ready to glue down and then be sewn. To the left are pieces for the My Tweets border. To the right are fabrics used for Jingle Bell. In the back is the colorful sewing machine cover that is over my Singer 99. Near the seam ripper are the patterns for making a new bodice for our Renaissance performances this year.

 This is more to the left of the photo above. Again you can see the My Tweets fabrics. To the far left is the fabric I hope to make my bodice out of.

After taking the Featherweight apart and putting her back together I was amazed that I had gotten it right and was able to sew stitches with her!
 Unfortunately I think I rubbed the decals too much and ruined them. Since she is a worker bee though, it won't affect her performance. Besides, if she were a show piece, I wouldn't use her!
 Here is my trash can, full of dirty paper towels.
 I sprayed Tuff Stuff on the machine and would let it set. The white foam would turn brown and I wiped the excess off and then buffed with a microfiber towel. The paper towels above were from doing this over and over again. I am only guessing that somehow this product sucked the shellac off the finish, and that the finish was stained with old cigarette smoke. I feel bad that this happened.
"Harriet" now joins the mess in my studio though. She is a sweet machine. I hope to try some "real" sewing with her soon to see how she does over time. Thank you again dear friend (you know who you are) for gifting me with this machine! I love her. I really do.

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Quilt Rat said...

ooooo......I am tempted to do that BOM.....must stay strong.

Love your little worker bee....I really enjoy FMQuilting on mine. Of course you have to watch how long you quilt....these little things were not made to run continuous like that and the motor can get quite hot.

have fun!!!!