Sunday, February 17, 2013

It is a good Sunday

Any day in the studio is better than any day not in the studio. At least that is what I believe! As always I am ever busy and never take the time to update my blog! So here, in no particular order, are a few tidbits from my studio.

I made some progress on prepping the borders for my My Tweets quilt. Miles of vine making were tackled. I am ready to start folding over the edges of all the other pieces and then starching them. I am thinking I might try a different technique though. This seems to take way too many steps and I am thinking I might be able to do needle turn instead.
There are a LOT of pieces to be worked on!

I am making progress on the Jingle Bell quilt too. I need to put that up though and get the My Tweets project at least glued down so it can be appliquéd.

I also have a charity quilt on the design wall. I am trying different layouts of these blocks. I won the fabric in the blocks from a few blog hops. I found the perfect pink fabric to use as backing.

I started working on a gold renfaire shirt too. I have the body and sleeves done today. Next is the collar and then hemming the sleeves and bottom edge. I make these without the use of a pattern! No easy feat, but it works up pretty fast.

Tonight I will be working on gathering the edges of circle pieces used in the flowers of the border for the My Tweets quilt. I do that while watching TV. I guess that's it for now! Till next time, happy sewing!


landscapelady said...

First thank you for the name Brizo for my goddess quilt - I have never heard of her! Hmmmmmm, google here I come. Possible future inspiration?

And I really like your tweets quilt, you are very adventurous to tackle so much appliqué. Are you doing it by hand?
Looking forward to seeing the progress.

Do you tweet? I follow a bunch of quilters on twitter and enjoy the conversations we have. If you do follow me - I'm

Margaret Bailey said...

It is so nice to see that someone has green thumbs. Sadly mine are brown. Your flowers and pictures are beautiful.
Margaret Bailey