Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday, Monday, Monday

My design wall has been busier than my sewing machine this past week! On the smaller one, I was auditioning fabrics to use in the Jingle Belle quilt. I thought you might get a kick out of how diverse the small design wall is. There are purple antlers there as well as a sleeping dragon and a flying dragon with broken wings!

Off the design wall is the baby quilt I am making for our guild's outreach program. It is on the table, ready to be pin basted. I hope to have it done by next Monday's guild meeting!

My studio wears many hats. Besides the usual sewing paraphernalia, it doubles as a green house! I have some dill and some spinach started:

Here are the two fabrics that will be the borders and accent fabrics for the Jingle Belle quilt:
 I can't decide whether to use the green or the red for this step.
Both fabrics will be used in the borders for this quilt too. I think I will wait till I have a few more blocks to audition before making the final cut. (that was a pun) :D

That's all I have for today! Happy Sewing Everyone!


landscapelady said...

I so love the jingle bell quilt! Agreed on both fabrics working. I read the green to give a relaxing mellow feel and the red to be lively and happy. Depends on the mood you want it to convey because both fabrics are great:-) and look at you starting plants already! I gave up on trying to do that - cat always gets into them:-)

Jaye said...

I like the star in the last photo. I am a sucker for stars, though. i would go with the red background.