Sunday, March 10, 2013

Of wool and flowers

It's been a nice busy week here in the studio. I have been felting thrift shop sweaters in hopes of making a coat for myself for next winter. I want to make a fashionable one that is both utilitarian as well as artistic. We shall see how far I get!!! Below are some of the sweaters, already felted up:

I finished the baby quilt for our Outreach program at our guild. The photo doesn't do it justice! It is such a nice cheery quilt in person!
 I sure hate how blogger turns the photos sometimes. I could go back into Photoshop and fix this, but I am too lazy today.

Spring is springing here. This is the first Hyacinth to bloom in my flowerbed:
 And just look at this stunning deep purple Crocus!
 It's cousin, the purple striped Crocus isn't bad either:
That's about it for today. It is raining outside and we are practicing music for an upcoming performance. Perhaps tomorrow I will get back in the studio to play a little.

Till then, happy sewing y'all!


landscapelady said...

I am a thrift shop wool collector myself and will be curious to see what you do with the wool. I've made pincushions with it but not so bold to try a coat. I tried wrist warmers but I didn't like how they felt (I just made a pun without realizing) lol!

Isn't it great to see the first signs of spring? makes the winter seem worth it:-)

Jaye said...

I think you are taking photos of the flowers in my yard. I have the exact same crocus and hyacinth. This is my first time (I think!) planting hyacinth. I am really pleased.

Sherri D said...

Thanks ladies! I hope I actually DO make something from all that wool! I started cutting it apart today. It will be a LONG process!

Jaye, it is 83 here today and all the crocus have gone! BUT the pink hyacinth is now blooming. Oh my, does that stuff pack a heady scent!