Saturday, March 23, 2013

Woolly Mammoth in the Spring Time

My woolly mammoth is ready to start designing with now. I have cut all the ribbing and seams off, rewashed it all and have this nice pile of wool to make a coat from. At least that is the plan!

And Spring is springing in full force here, even though the weather seems awfully cold still. Here is a closeup of the Hyacinth:
A shot of both types of Hyacinth you can find in my garden:
The red bush that blooms by the back porch is loaded with flowers this year:
And more of the Hyacinth:
It is rainy today. I think I will work in the studio as much as possible. If anything, it needs a bit of a spring cleaning! Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! Happy Sewing!


landscapelady said...

I want to reach out and feel all that lovely felted wool! This will be a good "slow" project - I have visions of patchwork and embroidery stitching, sort of a crazy quilt coat? I look forward to seeing the progress :-)

Anonymous said...

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