Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I have too many interests

I recently made up a chart/graph thing that has all my time plotted out. In looking at it, I realized that I am stretched way too thin! I plan to work on a more realistic schedule for myself so I can enjoy the things that I really want to enjoy, and not do the things I think I have to do, that I really don't.
Make sense? Good!

Meanwhile, here is a photo of a raccoon on the roof of our neighbor's house:
I knew we had possums here in the city, but this was the first raccoon I've seen. No wonder the dogs go bonkers at night sometimes!
From the flower garden, are they hyacinth or blue bells?
They are interspersed with the hyacinth that bloomed a few weeks ago. However, they look rather bell-ish, so maybe they are *bluebells cuz that is what they look like? Oh and in the foreground is the little wild climbing rose that my friend Cheryl gave me two years ago. I think this will be the year it really takes off and blossoms! (*I looked them up and they ARE bluebells)

Here is the whole flower bed:
I was so tickled that the Japanese maple (the reddish shrub) came back to life! We had a very hot and dry summer when it was planted last year.
Next to the front step is the guard frog:
He's watching the iris blooming by the newly transplanted rose bush. Is the iris telling the rosebush how to bloom? Maybe, since the rosebush has buds on it!

Finally, here is my lilac bush:
It looks rather stick-ish, but that tiny bundle of flowers has the lilac scent I love so well! Lilacs don't do well in our area. I will enjoy this poor little bush for as long as it toughs it out here!

I got my studio straightened out yesterday! I was tired of working in a space that was about one foot square on a 4'x8' table! Now I have a little over half cleared away. I like how good it makes me feel to see the open space on the table. It invites creativity to come back!

So that is about it in a nutshell here. I need to get ready for an exercise class that I am not wanting to do. I know I will feel batter for having done it though. Perhaps I will get something creative done today too.

Happy sewing y'all!

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Jaye said...

Racoons are bane of our existence. I thought they were very common in every large city. WE have opossums, too, but they seem to stick to the Park.