Sunday, May 19, 2013

Of Bikes and Baskets

As I mentioned a post or so ago, one of my Mother's Day gifts was a new dress form. Here it is with one of my shirts on it:
I have already been putting it to good use in altering a few dresses and sizing a sweater jacket!

Today we went for our first family bike ride at a local trail. I was surprised at how much we enjoyed it! We plan to do this again, real soon!
My 12 yr old son on the trail

Hubby with a cooler of cold drinks strapped on his bike

Me in my favorite tie-dyed shirt

Here is the latest block in the Jingle Belle block of the month. 
I have rarely had fabrics bleed because I tend to prewash everything. I had won some fabric in a drawing though, and either I did not prewash or it just decided to run anyway. I was not pleased and am not sure what, if anything, I will do about it. Funny thing is though, other areas where this same fabric was used, did not run. What the heck???
That's it for today. I have an easy supper planned and hope to spend part of the late afternoon working on some hand stitching.

Happy Sewing!


Quilt Rat said...

Too bad about the fabric bleed....I wonder if a bleach or Tide Pen would take it out. I have had that happen even with pieces that were thoroughly pre washed. SO now I ALWAYS put a few drops of Retayne in my water when soaking the applique.....have gotten the best results doing this

As for the bike ride...oh yeah you will soon be logging lots of riding trails. :-) ENJOY!

Sherri D said...

Jill, I am afraid if I used bleach or a Tide Pen it would discolor the basket. I have mucked about with that area a bit and have faded it more so I think with judicious quilting, I will be able to hide that spot a bit.

So I need Retayne? I have the Seranthrapol for washing the whole thing afterwards. I will have to do the research on those two products again to be sure I am doing the right thing.

And I probably misspelled both those words too. :D