Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hot Time in the Summer!

Who would have thunk that studio time would be most productive in the summertime? I guess the heat outside keeps me indoors in the air conditioned house like the cold keeps northerners inside where it is warm in winter!

I gave my new little Featherweight a grand workout. I had done a few minutes of sewing with it a month ago, after a major cleaning and it did fine. How would it work to do over an hour of sewing?

 She did just fine! I made a whole quilt top with her. There wasn't a single issue with dropped stitches, loopy stitches, winding bobbins, and with sewing a true straight stitch!
 I am using a dog themed fabric I was given for the front and back of this quilt. I think it will turn out just fine. I have a denim colored fabric for the binding. There was just enough of all these fabrics, that I was given, to turn into a pretty decent little quilt! I am sure some dog lover will love getting this quilt when it is done!

I am not using the Featherweight to sew clothing. I will use the Juki as I am more familiar with it. I have always had issues with making clothes. I was determined to make this experience different! I used a dress that I love, to help in making the right fit from the start. I am so tickled to have my new dress-form to help too! Here I have the neck and arm facing pinned to the form to check on the fit:
 Here I have laid out the pattern pieces before altering the pattern and cutting the fabric:
 Some of my body parts are a size 14.5 and some are size 18! No wonder I have had issues in the past with fitting clothes I make!  Thanks to a British show I recently viewed on the computer, I was inspired to try this again and empowered with tips to make things FIT! The show is called "The Great British Sewing Bee" and I think you can find free viewing of full episodes on YouTube.

At night, while watching TV, I work on hand sewing projects. The latest block number four of the Jingle Belle quilt is almost done being appliqued in place:

Just because it turned out SO good, here is a made-from-scratch blueberry pie I made on Tuesday:
Behind it are banana nut muffins. They turned out great too!
So this is the latest from here! Today I hope to put the pockets on that sundress and go for a swim later. It is supposed to be in the 100's today. Hot, hot, me. :D
Happy Sewing!

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