Friday, June 14, 2013

Lots of Friday Stuff

I had a fantastic day in the studio! So many projects and so little time! The day just flashed by in an instant. Next Friday seems a long ways away. Since I have so much to share I thought I would also post this as an "Off the Wall Friday" posting.

In no particular order, here are some of the things I did today:

Appliqued block #4 is out for the Jingle Belle quilt. I sewed the stems onto the background square and will be working on the individual pieces next.

Jaye (Artquiltmaker) must be thinking about me again. Every time she does, I work on the border strips. I got all the white flowers done for the top border today. Those flowers are each just a little larger than a quarter. I satin stitch around each one as well as stitching in the centers of each.

Those red parts are strawberries...or at least they will be when I am done with them!

On the design wall I have some fabric cut out and ready to sew together for a charity quilt I will be making. I was gifted the fabric and I think it will make an adorable quilt for a boy.

I put together an apron for the holidays. It has two pockets on it. It was in a pile of fabric given to me. The apron was cut out, as well as the two pockets. There were two strips that I made into the apron strings. I had to wing it for the rest of it. I ended up putting some binding tape around the whole thing to finish the edges. I also backed the pockets before sewing them on. It turned out pretty cute!

All week I've been working on the second border of the My Tweets quilt. You can see my progress from the top part of the picture, where I started at down to the bottom part where I left off at last night.

I have been neglecting my creative prompts. I actually had this one done several months ago. Posting photos is an ordeal for me, so I often procrastinate and don't post as often as I could.
This is CPP #156 - Rose and #158 - Bird
I don't know why there are three jets or a hot sun or the odd bug. I often look back on drawings and can't recall why I drew what I did.  Sometimes I see how much work I put into a particular drawing and marvel at how much work or effort I must have put into it! Other times I get aggravated because I can't make a picture look like it looks in my brain. I still keep on doing them though. 

So that's the latest from here. 
Happy Sewing!


Sherri D said...

I think the three jets might actually be three birds. lol

landscapelady said...

Well now, you've been busy! I love your CPP response, that owl is wonderful. May I post the pic on twitter (in your name of course)? Maybe it will inspire others to join in

Sherri D said...

Of course you may post the picture! Thank you for asking. :)

Cathy Perlmutter said...

You got a lot done! Love the startled owl!