Saturday, July 20, 2013

555 - Off the Wall Friday

I am combining my Off the Wall Friday posting with a milestone of posting #555! I should have a give-a-way or something to celebrate, but I am too disorganized to do that. Perhaps when I reach #567 or #600? I should have done it when I hit #500 but I didn't even notice that posting.

No, on second thought, I think I WILL have a prize. If you comment on this posting, I will do a random number generator pick and send someone a prize. I think I will put the deadline as August 1st. One comment per person gets you one entry. Let me know what you think would be a nice little prize idea in your comments! (fabric? a book? a notion? a pattern? one of my art quilts? a sketchbook?)
I will send internationally too, so this is open to the world. (well, only planet Earth..sorry extraterrestrials, you can comment but I can't send you a prize)
Feel free to share this blog with others who might want to win a prize too!

WEDNESDAY: What a day! Yoga class, followed by Healthy Living class (that I co-teach), followed by an unplanned trip to the garage to drop off the van for a problem. I got a ride home, made lunch and hit the studio running.
     Five hours later I had several thousand pieces of fabric cut into squares and rectangles for my quilt guild challenge quilt. (see photos later in today's posting)
I have the second border strip appliquéd for the My Tweets quilt.
I have started appliquéing the fifth block for the Jingle Belle quilt.
I have spent time trying to decide on some fabric for a possible future major appliqué project.
I got the bad news about the van repair costs, made supper, vacuumed the house, got the trash ready for tomorrow, and am about to call it quits for the night!

FRIDAY: I am puzzling out a pattern for a cover for my husband's traveling harp. Those wedges will be pockets...I think!

Even the U is for Unicorn quilt was on the design wall. 
I am over halfway done with the borders!

Here are progress photos for the challenge quilt. 
I picked these colors to compliment the greenish one at the right that is 
the challenge fabric our guild chose:

Here is just the start of cutting out the white fabric:

And here is almost all the fabric cut and awaiting assembly:
I am using a pattern I stole found on the Quilter in the Gap blog. It is called the Circle of Squares and a tutorial is found on ToeFeather's blog.

Something else that has caught my eye is a block of the month that is just getting underway. It is called Love Entwined. This is a very complex quilt based on a 1790 quilt that the pattern maker is bringing to the web through her blog and yahoo group.
I've been stymied from the get-go. I can't decide on which fabrics to use and the first step is making a compass. I tried making one once a long time ago. They intimidate me!
I've been going back and forth and back and forth on fabrics and ideas. So far nothing has gelled in my poor brain. I don't want to buy more fabric. I really don't! (I need to pay for those van repairs)

I will be pondering this group of fabrics, for the compass, over the weekend:

That's all for today. Don't forget to leave a comment to win a prize! I have several ideas and I think you'll love the chance to win a nice little package of good stuff!

Happy Sewing Y'all!


Laura said...

Found you through Off The Wall, it's great to find someone else with as many projects going on at one time as me!!

Quilt Rat said...

Oh my gosh.....are you going to start Esther's new BOM?! I am so tempted but am staying strong and will just enjoy watching your progress instead...I am NOT...I repeat NOT going down that long and winding road. :-)

As for you generous prize offer....ooooo I think you should keep it as a "surprise". Who doesn't LOVE to receive a surprise package? After all, anyone reading your blog obviously shares similar interests back to work. :-)

Julia said...

Oh my, you are so busy that it makes me tired! A surprise? I think one of your 100 letters would be great!

Mary Stori said...

After reading your comment on my blog....I've come for a visit....and now I know you have the energy and skills to jump in and combine: skilk, wool roving, & beads!!! Though you may not have the time with all the projects you already have going!!! Wow!!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Sherri. After reading your post, I can't figure out where the "Lazy" comes in for your blog's name--You've worn me out! I wish I could do Esther's pattern too, but, as I have too much to do, I'll watch you instead!
best, nadia

LA Paylor said...

I'm coming from Off the Wall.
Love that you lost weight walking with your dog. So did DH and I.
I also like that pattern of circle of squares, satisfies the scrap part of me and the circle lover. Have to go check out the tute.
Thanks a lot!
LeeAnna Paylor

barbara woods said...

Am doing one him and it is whopping my but

landscapelady said...

That block of the month quilt is wonderful! Please do it so we can not - but watch you from afar. It looks like it will be awesome for sure.

Maartje Quilt said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog.
I see you are like me busy with a lot of projects and all look very well. I like your fabrics,
I think a good price is a small sketchbook,To make a design or to sketch free motion quilt patterns
Your borders are so beautiful!!

PK Sews said...

Congratulations on Post 555. I was delighted to find your blog via a link from The Quilt Rat. I love your humor and philosophy and delightful creations. And if I had never read your blog, I would be going through life totally unaware of National Bubble Wrap Day, and that would be sad. Seriously, I really appreciate bloggers like you. I'm too shy to blog or comment much myself so I'm sort of a freeloader that way. But on this occasion, please know that I am a grateful freeloader. As for your sweet offer to share, I think surprises are wonderful. Thanks again!

Kansa said...

Sherri, I've been reading your blog and enjoy reading about your life paths. Our conversations have inspired me so much. The change in your life shows clearly in your writing, to say nothing about your quilting! Always pushing the limits, yay!

Sherri D said...

11 of you were SO sweet to leave such nice comments!!!

Using the random number generator, the winner is #6! This means that LeeAnna is my winner! I will be contacting her shortly.

Thank you again everyone, for stopping by and playing along!

Jaye said...

I know I am late to the party, but congrats on so many posts! Good job.

Glad to see U is for Unicorn again!