Saturday, July 27, 2013

Love Is In The Air

Actually it is more of a love-hate relationship. Ok, hate is a bit strong. I am struggling with the "Love Entwined" BOM. I have made progress though! I have the center compass finished. I am now working on the ring around it.

My design wall shows the background fabric and compass. I am going for a celestial theme. Above the LE (LE=Love Entwined) project is block #5 for Jingle Belle and a mockup of the block I will use for the guild challenge quilt.
Below here, is a closeup of the compass. I folded back the background fabric of the compass to see how it was looking next to the starry fabric.

Here is the first center of the compass that I decided to not use because it was a metallic and looked to cheesy!
Around the compass will be a ring with 32 teeny tiny dots. I used a hole-punch to make templates on wash-away stabilizer. The dots are 1/4" each. Did I mention there are 32 of them?!?!?!
Here is a closeup of the center face that I did use:
More on making those dots:
I used a paper-punch and scraps of the special stabilizer. Since the stabilizer is a bit on the expensive side, and because I am so cheap thrifty, I used scrap leftovers to make the dot templates. The hole punch I used has a tray that catches the punched out dots. This actually made it quite easy to use!
Here is my ever faithful Altoids tin, holding my bounty of dots:

Applique block #5 for the Jingle Belle BOM is now done:

 Just for fun:
What is that, you ask? It happens to be my son. He's almost 13, but still has a lot of child left in him. He took the box that my dress form came in, put it over his head and walked around with it on. I don't know why he did this. No pictures were knocked off the wall. Silly boy! (I hope he always keeps a little bit of silliness in his spirit)

That's it for today! I will be linking this up to "Off the Wall Friday". Don't forget to comment for a chance to win a prize in honor of my 555th posting, which was the posting before this one. You HAVE to comment on the 555th posting though. I will enjoy comments here, but they will not count as entries. The deadline is August 1st.

Happy Sewing Everyone!


Quilt Rat said...

Oh the celestial theme seems just right.....looking like this is the beginning of an "epic" journey in quilt making.....I look forward to watching the evolution of this one.....may the force be with you

MulticoloredPieces said...

The Compass looks really cool with a sun motif in the center. This will be a fun project.

Maartje Quilt said...

You are busy with a lot of projects! I love your color choices and especial the borders for your uniciorn quilt! Beautiful!

Susan Lenz said...

Hi! Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog with regards to my 3D mixed media assemblage, "The Nature of Memory". Thanks too for sharing your amazing work and also you son-in-a-box. My younger son did things like that too ... and beware ... because he once found a refrigerator box in Columbia's downtown area, put it on, and entertained traffic from the sidewalk until a police officer brought him home. The officer was beside himself because Alex wanted to know exactly what law had been broken. The poor officer said in total frustration, "Here he is. He's yours. Take him!" Alex just laughed and laughed. It wasn't funny ... or was it? He was sixteen at the time ... so hopefully your son with grow out of this in the coming years! LOL!

Cathy Perlmutter said...

The box could be a lot worse. My daughter used to walk around with a large stuffed hamburger pillow on her head.
I really like your celestial creation! 32 is a lot of dots!