Sunday, October 13, 2013

My, my, it's been a LONG time since I've Posted!!!

It is funny how life works that way. As usual, life keeps me out of the studio more than I want it to. I did manage to make four charity quilts and six charity pillowcases. I've been doing a little applique work at night and am slowly making progress on the My Tweets borders. I have about one and a half borders left to go on that one.

Today I finished the third border of the U is for Unicorn! I'm always thinking of YOU, Jaye, when I work on this quilt.
I am kinda liking this one. Now for the super labor intensive forth border. Oh my, it is a doozy!

I have the appliqued block 7 done for the Jingle Belle Quilt:
 And the pieced blocks six and seven as well:
Directions for the eighth (and last set) of appliqued blocks and pieced blocks just came out this weekend. It won't be too long and this one will be ready to assemble. THEN the scary part...quilting it!
That's it for today! Hope you are having a wonderful autumn! This is MY favorite time of year! Happy Sewing!

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landscapelady said...

well, I would say you got alot done - the unicorn quilt looks interesting - is the middle done, I don't think I have seen it? In the summer and fall when the weather is good as it has been this year, I don't quilt as much either - dogs and walks call my name. Soon it will be dark dreary november into winter and more quilting will be done.