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Friday, December 27, 2013

Solstice Baby

Not really…my husband is a Solstice baby though. He just had a birthday on the 21st. However, I AM working on the Celtic Solstice quilt. I just finished step four. Step five came out today. The picture below shows all the pinwheels from step three and all the four-squares from step four:

And this is the meager start to step five:
That's it for today! Hope everyone is warm and safe and sound and looking forward to a wonderful new year!
Happy Sewing!!!


slimsdotter said...

I found your blogs from the blogroll list on Cranky Fitness. Your quilts are gorgeous. They make me want to put down the knitting needles and sew again. Also maybe go for a walk?! I will be stalking to watch the progress on the Solstice quilt.

thequiltingdoberman said...

You participated! As it turned out another friend of mine was sewing on this one too (right after I learned about it from you she mentioned it). But I missed out. Too much going on. Lovely to see the progress. Sam