Friday, March 21, 2014

A BIG Mistake - No More

Jaye never ventured a guess as to what the huge error was in the U is for Unicorn Quilt.
It was right when I laid it out on the design wall.

It was wrong when I sewed it into the top.
Here is a closeup of the error. Can you see it now?
 Don't feel bad. I never noticed it either...not until two ladies from the guild pointed it out. It took a lot of the glory out of the reveal but I am over the disappointment now.
It is a strange letter J and looks more like an L. Both ladies that caught the mistake had names that began with the letter J.

I tried real hard to leave it alone and call it an on purpose mistake that all quilters make. I just could not leave it be though. I had to fix it! I carefully picked out all the stitching and rotated the block and then hand sewed it back in place. It will make for a funny story! At least I can laugh about it now. ha ha ha

Happy Sewing!


Jaye said...

I didn't point it out because it didn't look like an error to me. Unless I am not understanding, the correction looks wrong. The curve of the 'J' goes towards the left, which is how you had it. I must be confused.

Sherri D said...

You're also a sweetie-pie! I took out the before and after photo and replaced it with a side by side comparison. On the design wall it is correct. On the quilt top it was backwards. The closeup now shows the block turned to the left, as you said. I hate editing photos but should have done so! Anyway I still credit you with encouraging me to finish this quilt! Thanks again!!!