Monday, March 10, 2014

Finish Line

Today I went to both my quilt guilds. One is in the morning and one is at night. I am exhausted! It was so fun though, to share several finishes. The first one is Jingle Belle:

The second is U is for Unicorn:
Yes, this almost 12 year quilt in the making is finally done!!! Or IS it??? There is a huge glaring error in this quilt. Can I fix it? SHOULD I attempt to fix it?  Can you see what it is?

Last is the Building Blocks quilt. I won the pattern from Jackie of Sew Excited Quilts:
I am too tired to say much more about the day. It was good. It involved sewing. Any day with sewing is better than any day without sewing!!!


Jaye said...

These are amazingly significant finishes! You should be very, very proud. The work you have done is amazing and fantastic.

I don't see an error. If it bugs you, fix it, if not, leave it. If you leave it, you are not allowed to point it out to anyone ever again.

MaryC said...

Ditto Jaye's comment. Your quilts are great!

MaryC said...

P.S.Why do you call yourself Lazy???? You've done an enormous amount of work!

Sherri D said...

@ Jaye, thank you and you will learn about the glaring error someday soon! Then you can laugh about it with me.
@MaryC, thank you for your kind comments too. I call myself Lazy Quilter because I often don't do a lot of resewing when my points don't match up. Sometimes I take shortcuts that lead to what some would call sloppy work. Sometimes when I try to do the best work I can, I still make mistake after mistake and get tired of resewing over and over again. So I work at being lazy so I can enjoy the process instead of perfecting the process!

thequiltingdoberman said...

I just love U is for unicorn. So amazing. I didn't see the error, but I didn't look too hard. All these quilts looks so nice. I actually have a quilt sitting on my close to finishing. But I just can't quite get the time yet!