Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm back in the saddle again!

Oh how I missed you! Something clicked and I've been in the studio a lot more lately. I love it!

I have been trying to make myself let go of things in my studio. I feel that clutter weighs me down. I've let books and magazines go, as well as some fabrics. I was real honest with myself when I decided to give up doing the LE quilt. It was an online quilt project that would last 18 months. The end result would be a heavy appliquéd quilt. I got as far as the center and realized I was not enjoying the process. I like appliqué, just not this one. I was able to cut the center down to a 12.5" block that I will use in a future quilt:
I might even use it in an orphan block quilt for charity.

This quilt is now finished and delivered to my guild's charity person. It is made from orphan blocks and a panel I had purchased several years ago. I hope the recipient enjoys it!

I think I figured out some of the finishing steps on my night guild's block of the month. I think I need to make a bunch of flying geese sets. These are the the first steps to make the sets I need:
I am using the no-waste fast flying geese method. The chart to the right of the blocks helped me figure out the correct measurements. 

It worked very well and now my birdhouse block 
has geese to carry it away!

The latest block pattern was for a sailboat block. Instead of using a solid piece of fabric for the background I used two. One is the sky and one is the water. I also had to put a little skull on the flag.
I might put some crossbones on it too!
That is the latest from my sewing room! Happy Sewing Y'all!!!


thequiltingdoberman said...

I am so jealous you are getting to sew right now. I feel like my sewing time is at a halt for now. Thanks for the inspiring updates.

Sherri D said...

I am sorry you are not able to sew right now. I know how you feel though. I have been out of my sewing room almost all summer. I would get a spurt of energy, here and there, but overall, my studio time went WAY down.
I hope you get back to sewing...perhaps as the weather cools back down? hugs and thanks for stopping by!