Monday, September 1, 2014


I have finished the Celtic Solstice quilt. I am not happy with it. As I readied it for quilting, I found the edges were wonky and wavy:
I did the best I could do, blessing the quilt, as I stitched, with language not quite as colorful as the quilt.
If you click on the photo, you can see more detail. I mostly meandered on this one. The batting is a flannel sheet. I should have left the backing off completely! This thing is HEAVY!!! Oh well, it still makes for a nice utility quilt.
I just started quilting the Leaf on a Log quilt. I really thought I had stretched the backing correctly, but it is already puckering too. Grrrrr!!!
I am afraid to start quilting the My Tweets quilt. I do not want to ruin that one! I think I may try a quilt as you go method.

A new-to-us flower is blooming in our backyard. This is a mandevilla:
I plan to labor on Labor Day, and work on quilting the leafy quilt. Hope you are enjoying this first day of September! Happy Sewing!!!


queenopearls said...

Wow, you are a perfectionist! :)) The Celtic Soltice quilt is gorgeous! Seriously gorgeous. You make an art look easy... that's the sign of a true professional. Thank you for your inspiration! ~ Christina

Jaye said...

WOW! The Celtic solstice looks fabulous! Such a great quilt. I found that going to a space (church basement, community room) and stretching out the backing to baste really helped with a quilt that I finished recently. Not sure if that is possible for you...

Sherri D said...

You both have left such nice comments. When I took it to guild, they oooooo'd and aaahhhhh'd too. I guess that because it was such a major pita to piece and quilt, that I became disenchanted with it!

Jaye, I have a 4x8' table in my studio. I just haven't been able to tension the backing fabric correctly yet. I get it either too tight or too loose.

I did a wonderful job of meandering quilting with it though. :D